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sie 25 2004 The End and The New Beginning
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Attention please :)

I decided to move my e-diary to some other website.Now it has its own adress and it is  : . I invite everyone to my site and I'll be very glad if you'll comment :)

                          Thanx and take care! Poka poka..! ;)


P.S. All notes and comments from here are moved to the new diary.

P.S.2 This blog will be deleted in 2 weeks.

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sie 22 2004 Sunday Bloody Sunday...Nah? ;)
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Song of the Day: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - U2

Allo allo people..! :)

Today I woke up feeling blessed.Don't know why..Guess my love made me feel like that :) You are always with me,though so far.....Thanx for your support.

Today I also started to like Sundays,which is extreme strange thing.I always hated this day.It was boring,noone could meet then and I only had to go to the church.But this time was different.I woke up with smile on my face (yesterday I watched a great horror-that's surely one of the most important reasons..;) ,I decided that I really wanna go to the church.I used to go to the church just  to not make parents complain.Now I just wanted it.And I promised myself that since today,I'll get closer to God.I'll pray,I'll go to the church.I need to make my life more full.And I also need a miracle...But I have faith :)                                For now that's all.Hehehe what a boring note! :)

      Greetings for Dengesiz Herif ;) , Ms Tree,Nati,Jason,Greavy,Zuz and Kaisa!


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sie 17 2004 Today is My Day! :)
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Song of the Day: "Hand in my pocket" -Alanis Morissette


Again a short time between notes..It's only 12:!3 now,but there's already a very good thing that happened.I got back my friend :) :) Greetings for you! You know who you are! Well now I finish..I'll write if later something will happen.Byebye!



Again a funny meeting with crazy guys...:) Hehehe I guess I have to move my computer,the sun is so hard here...Grrrr!!!! :P Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema.I'll watch "The Village",I love horrors and I hope it will be as good as the commercial seems.Then c ya soon!

                                     Greetings for Fevzi :)* & 'Enrique'  :) hehehe

P.S.Zuz,thanx for email ! I already answered you.

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sie 16 2004 Strange,But Good Day
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Hohoho children!

Like I said,a new note in few days :) My day started quite bad,I felt a bit ill and the sun was killing me,as I was lying in my bed.Fortunately,my mom made me stand up,and so I came back to the world of alive people hehe..Then came time for tiding :P But it was also sucha funny day,because I've met with my bf and his friend.They made me laugh all the time,thanx guys! :) On the other hand,there's also the sliver of the day...I lost a friend.I still don't understand why,because his reasons for finishing our friendship aren't clear.And so that made me sad.This world and the people that are living here are so strange...Sometimes I think I don't fit in here.But then I remind myself about my aims..and I know that I must still go on.That's why I am here.Well,I don't wanna bore you,people..So what's new-I wanna add here the song of the day.You can see it under the title of the note since next hm hmmm...Gotta finish now..Bye bye!



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sie 15 2004 First Note
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That's my first note here.Not first e-diary,but first that I really wanna write :) Maybe u all are surprised,that I write in English,but it has two reasons.One's that I want my foreign friends to read it,second that I want to improve my writing in this language.My little request-please,if you'll notice some mistakes in notes,write me about this in comments ("skomentuj" and then  "zapisz").It'll be a great help for me.And if it's possible,comment in eng.,in strange cases it can be pl.Hmm,maybe now something about me..I'm interested in music (rock,punk) and I love to sing.I also like reading a lot.My fave books are "Eureka Street" and "Ripley Bogle",favorite writers: R.McLiam Wilson and H.G.Wells.The best movies for me are "Shawshank redemption","City of angels" and "Girl,Interrupted".Well,guess it's all for now..The next note will be in few days.Thanx for reading this :) Greetings for ... Fevzi,Natka,Krzychu,my 3 crazy classmates,CubuS,Ala,Marta,Julka,and the rest of people from the camp in Janów Lubelski,Alex,Jason,Greavy,Wojtek and everyone I forgot about! C ya soon!

                                         Mara :)

P.S. In comments: "Anuluj" means "Cancel" , "Imię" - "Name/Nick" and  "Komentarz" - "Comment".

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